Seller Terms & Conditions

Seller Registration:

Any individual who wishes to sell items on the mamizia website needs to register on Mamizia website. You will need to provide the requisite information/ data. The data provided by the seller needs to be true, correct and duly authorized data/ information and shall not be misleading, fraudulent, false, unauthorized and otherwise illegal. If discovers or it is brought to the notice that the aforesaid data is misleading or does not comply with the user agreement and the rules and seller policies made thereunder and in such case the seller shall also be liable for all the liabilities, risks, damages and consequences that may arise.


Seller responsibility

You are responsible for protecting members’ personal information you receive or process. This means that, to the extent you use the services outside of the site, or to the extent your local jurisdiction requires it, you must maintain a privacy policy that is consistent with the privacy terms set forth by Mamizia. Such laws may require that you post, and comply with, your own privacy policy, which must be accessible to mamizia members and should be compatible with this policy and Terms of Use.


You will be processing personal information (for example, buyer name, email address, and shipping address) and may be considered an independent and separate “data controller” under Malaysia law or other local regulations. If you disclose personal information like a buyer’s name and email address without the buyer’s consent, you are responsible for that unauthorised disclosure.


At Mamizia, we value transparency. It means that you will honestly and accurately represent yourself, your items and your business.

By selling on Mamizia, you agree that you will:

  1. Provide honest, accurate information in your About section.
  2. Honor your seller policies.
  3. Accurately represent your items in listings and listing photos.
  4. Respect the intellectual property of others. If you feel someone has violated your intellectual property rights, you can report it to Mamizia.
  5. Not engage in fee avoidance.
  6. Not coordinate pricing with other sellers.


Invoicing, Shipping & Product Liabilities :

As an e-commerce company, providing business-to-consumer sales services via the internet. We help Buyers and Sellers connect whereby as Sellers you are selling to customers via our platform and we charge commission for services associated with it. Therefore, invoicing and shipping to customer is your responsibility. However, we also offer our logistic partners to help seller with shipping process. Also any taxation related to sale of your products is your responsibility. Also liabilities arising from the use, consumption and/or interaction with your products is solely yours and will not be responsible for any loss or damage due to your products.


Hold, Suspension and Termination:

In case of any breach or violation or suspected breach or violation of any of the provisions of this policy or the User Agreement, Mamizia can suspend and/or terminate the account or may put you on hold with respect. We may reinstate or activate your account or remit the transaction price to the Seller providing such information, data, documents and undergoing any verification desired by the Mamizia.


Upon identifying or being notified by any person or by law enforcement agency that seller has violated any law in the performance of the transaction, we will immediately suspend seller’s account, notify law enforcement or any other authority including banks for appropriate action or act in any other way to cooperate with authorities or protect its interests.


Charges Applicable:

We will levy charges/ fees from time to time (for providing facilities to sell on the website) to the Sellers in accordance with the policy incorporated. Mamizia will be providing the seller with an invoice reflecting the facility charges on a monthly basis.

If the seller avails of any of the services, they will be liable to pay additional fees, charges set out in respect of the services. We reserve the right to change and policy and the rules from time to time. Mamizia can introduce any new services and modify our existing services offered on the website.  The changes shall be effective from the time that the posts of the same on the website.


The seller will be responsible for paying all charges associated with the use of the Mamizia website and agrees to bear any taxes, charges, or related surcharges levied. The seller shall pay the remit the appropriate charges and we will deduct such charges from the transaction price to be remitted to the seller. Unless otherwise said, the charges are payable by the seller irrespective of any chargeback, refund or non-fulfilment of the Transaction.


Seller verification and refund to Buyers :

The seller authorizes to perform certain checks before remitting the transaction price to seller’s bank account to ensure the safety of the transaction and to mitigate any payment risks. As part of performing such checks, we will also retain the right to hold the remittance to the and require the seller to furnish certain documents for verification purposes. We also reserve the right to refund the transaction price back to the buyer which we have withheld or continue holding the periodic payments (including all future payments) in any of the following conditions:

  1. If the seller does not provide the requisite verification documents within the prescribed time frame communicated by or as provided in the rules and policies of the website
  2. If the verification documents submitted are invalid, tampered or forged
  3. If the verification documents suggest that the dispatch has been done to an address which is different from the shipping address provided by the buyer
  4. If the seller has not dispatched the items using a recognized dispatch channel but used any other means
  5. If seller has provided incorrect or invalid dispatch details or has not delivered the item to the buyer
  6. If the seller has listed an item which violates the user agreement or the rules and policies made thereunder
  7. If the seller has dispatched an item different from the description mentioned on the transaction, or


In all the above cases will not be held liable for any loss incurred by the seller arising out of such refund.


Data Retention:

Mamizia will retain personal information in accordance with the privacy policies posted on the website and applicable laws.